The World in Crisis You would agree that the world is currently in a state of chaos apparent with social crisis such asdrug-taking, alcoholism, immorality etc. The moral crisis that we are faced with in this age and time isnot confined to any one nation, race, religious group, class or creed. It afflicts both the rich and poor;the educated and the illiterate; the religious and the secular. It is a universal phenomenon. The worldis NO longer a safe place to live. Our children are exposed to all kinds of influences and we cannotguarantee how they will turn out. Is that the kind of future we want for our children and for ourselves?
The Key to Solution There is an urgent and critical need to rectify these shortcomings to enable the world to become abetter place to live.
Changing to the world’s problems and the chaos must start with the individual withan extension of community – our neighborhood – our immediate world, based on moral and spiritualeducation.
Material education is like the lamp and virtues and spiritual qualities is the light within thelamp.
When both become united, the outcome will be perfect.
If we have all the material advances butdo not have people of high virtues and attributes, it is like having a beautiful lamp but without light;humanity will not prosper and attain peace.

The Logic Behind – Osmosis Protection

The best protection to oneself is to first protect others. For unless the world around is safe, one can not be sure thatone is safe. Beside hours spent in sleep, most of us spend our remaining hours elsewhere - away from home. Ourchildren spend those hours at school; we spend in working; and the housewives running errand for house-chores. In weekends, we spend in the park, eating at restaurant, shopping at complexes etc. Therefore, it is logic to say that until the space beyond our home is safe, one can not be sure that he or she is safe.When we make our surrounding safe, multitude will ensure our safety. When there is a sense of community in ourneighborhood, we live with peace of mind as we know our children will be safe on the street. This way of osmosis protection is much effective than by putting up higher fencing and equipping fancy door-sets and window grilles just toprotect ourselves. Instead, we as individuals must arise and make an effort to engage ourselves in community building.

Creating ‘Sense of Community’ Thru Moral Education

Is there a community in our neighborhood? Sadly, therehardly exists any ‘sense of community’ in our neighborhood.Everyone seems to live to themselves and it is notuncommon that one doesn’t even know who their neighboris. The situation gets worst when neighbors suspect eachother, adding trouble to the already mounting social crisis.Baha’is around the world are trying their best to reinstate thissense of community in their neighborhood through offering aseries of activities that focus on empowering individuals withmoral capabilities. Based on moral and spiritual education,these community development activities aimed to bringabout personal transformation in children, youth and adultsand at the same time, effect social transformation in buildinga healthy and harmonious community in our neighborhood.
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