As one of 'Abdu'l-Bahá translators, DrZia Mabsut Bagdadi (who would later serve with Alain Locke on Inter-racial Amity Committees), 

The Thirteenth Mashreq'ul-Azkar Convention and Bahai Congress

Dr. Zia Mabsut Bagdadi was the next speaker, presenting the Cause in the East. "It began." he said, "with the declaration of the Bab, who was arrested in Persia, put into prison, and finally shot with a thousand bullets. Many thousand men, women and children were so cruelly treated that even the executioners, at times, shrank from inflicting the awful tortures. His Highness, Baiia'o'lt,ah, was confined in prison, banished four times and forced to travel over snowy mountains on horseback without shoes. From Bagdad to Con......

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