We each have two types of susceptibilities – physical and spiritual in character

Man is possessed of two types of susceptibilities. One is physical, the other spiritual, in character.

Physical susceptibilities have certain avenues of expression, and spiritual susceptibilities likewise have their avenues. The physical or material susceptibilities have their channels of expression in the physical realm. Earthly fraternity is due either to a family relationship, or to a commercial bond, or to a bond of love based upon policy or politics, or to a racial bond which supplies that affection, or to a bond patriotic in foundation. These are physical susceptibilities and ordinary outward love.

But spiritual susceptibilities, namely, real love and heavenly fraternity, emanate through divine channels. They emanate from faith, or they emanate from knowledge, or they emanate from the bounty of the Holy Spirit or they emanate from the effulgence of the Sun of Reality.

Praise be to God! you are imbued with spiritual susceptibilities, for verily you have been gathered together in this meeting through the love of God. It is the bounty of the Kingdom which has summoned you here. It is the Most Great Guidance which has called you here. It is the power of attraction which has drawn you together here, and it is the bestowal of the Kingdom of Abha which has invited you to this feast. These are spiritual susceptibilities, and these are emanations of the conscience. Because of these susceptibilities, this radiant youth is seated here, and in the utmost of love I am patting him on the shoulder

I am happy to see you gathered here in love. (Words of ‘Abdu’l-Baha at the Nineteen-Day Feast, held on October 16, 1912, at the home of Helen Goodall in Oakland, California; Star of the West, vol. 4, no. 12, October 16, 1913)

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